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Genealogy book


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I can only partially read it, a list of ancestors beginning with the progenitor of the line, the surname of their wife and some brief biographical notes, places they lived (the first ancestor at one point relocates to 樟树埔 for example, which I think is a village near Huizhou which is also mentioned earlier) and I think the state of their grave in the case of the "fifth ancestor" (second pic). Hopefully someone better can come along and say more. One character I don't really recognise but suspect might be saying where their grave is seems to start each entry.

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Thanks for replied and info.

I came out with a list with some missing info.


始祖 》 1.1    嚴准翰 ?  沙甲子       > 嚴准翰 > ancestor name

            妻      崔氏   ?  千为仔         >  崔       > Wife surname
                    ?  明公?九棵芹,    >   ?  明公 > Was this the year of where ZUPU started? This fall under which year?
                   十三歲補事载 惠洲        >  13 years old he moved from Henan, a province in Central China to 
                     河南岸遷居 樟树埔,        (樟树埔) Zhang Shu Pu, Huiyang, Huizhou, Guangdong
                     准都四吕 永隆公将        >  no idea what it means.
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