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A few comments about putting together this list. 


I read a crazy number of comics to make this list, but probably my favorite individual chapter so far is episode 41 from 黑色放映机. This strip features a classic horror set-up (don't open that suspicious-looking door), but the twist at the end seems completely random unless you happen to be a fan of very old-school Japanese anime.


It is much harder to decide on what my favorite series is. For me, there is no doubt that the best completed series is 魔女. A very well-done mystery/thriller, and also the only fictional work I've encountered where data science and statistics play a major role in the plot. The most promising series is probably 山海戮, which combines lush, Miyazaki-inspired fantasy art with some fairly impressive world-building.


I would be very appreciative of solid recommendations in the 古风 (historical) category. Personally, this is the most valuable category for my own language learning goals, but it is very difficult to find a suitable series in this category since most 古风 comics contain little 古文, i.e. the characters wear historical garb but the dialogues are mostly modern Chinese.

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