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HSK 6 Writing


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It appears the grading of the writing portion of the HSK 6 test is a closely guarded secret.  


Anyone want to share their writing strategy and what the score was?  I want to figure out if it is better to write very simple sentences with little variation in grammar and vocabulary, but no mistakes or if it is it better to vary vocab/sentence structure, even if it comes at the expense of a few mistakes.

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i got better marks when I wrote neater characters, but who knows if it was just because of that. I wrote using traditional, with seemingly no adverse effect on my grade, if thats also useful to you. I wrote simple sentences with clear 主語 and 謂語 that matched the original as closely as possible. I used some grammatical structures (eg. 與其...不如...) to link ideas. I didn't care about varying vocab at all and tried to just get good correct grammar and clear flow of ideas running through the essay.

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0 分:空白。
低档分:内容与提供材料相关性不大; 内容不连贯,有语法错误; 有较多错别字。
中档分:内容与提供材料基本相符,有语法错误; 内容与提供材料基本相符,有少量错别字; 篇幅不够。



If you Baidu HSK6 写作评分 there are a few resources. Good luck!

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I will be taking the computer test.... I think.  So, hopefully no handwriting for me.  The handwriting will be a post-hsk endeavor.  TomSima,  I am guessing you chose the correct strategy.  Thanks for the validation.


I have seen that rubric, but I still don't know what they are looking for beyond a very general sense.  I baidued it, but just saw many contradictory opinions. 


My impression so far is to prioritize limited mistakes and simplicity over style and vocab.  My writing will be dull/repetitive, but connected with linkage structures/words where it makes it more logical or smooth.  


But, I also get major fatigue issues on my practice tests, so my scores on all sections could be up to chance.



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having taken both the digital and handwritten HSK 6 tests, i find the reading section was noticably harder on the digital test. also the software they use is very old so the font is hard to read which really slowed me down.

Despite being able to write much better digitally, i believe i’ll have a much higher grade overall on the written exam when the grades are revealed

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