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Foreigner physical examination - question


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The foreigner physical exam paper is two pages long, so does it matter if you print it on both sides of the paper or on two separate pages? 

This might seem like a weird question, but I read someone saying something about it somewhere.

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As I wrote over in this other thread, I had the form on 2 pages and when I took it to the Chinese consulate to get it "legalised" they refused it, because the pages need to be joined together in some acceptable way.**


So I would recommend taking a double-sided (1 page) version of it along to the medical just in case the doctor prints it on 2 pages. It could save you some time and trouble.



** As she turned me away, the clerk in the consulate (Manchester, UK) showed me 2 examples of permanent joining of the pages which were acceptable: (1) Joined by a rivet and a green ribbon covered by a red wax seal (from a lawyer I think), and (2) two pages which had somehow been permanently heat-bound down the left-hand edge.  She recommended I could get this heat-binding done at a stationery store chain which it turned out had gone bankrupt over a year earlier... After trying several other stationery stores who all thought it wasn't possible with only 2 pages, in the end I found a notary public who joined the pages for me with a green ribbon and a red sticker that looked a bit like a wax seal (see photos below for front and back).  This was accepted by the consulate on my second attempt.



IMG_1703.thumb.jpg.ae7f93200f74472af102853be9e9a4f3.jpg  1832515593_IMG_17042.thumb.jpg.c7725bebeccd0a6459bfc8f507a66af4.jpg


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Is it necessary to get this form legalised for application for the scholarship? Because there was nothing written in the requirements about the physical examination form having to be notarized. I thought that the stamp of the hospital would already be enough.



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