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Can someone explain to me about this song?


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https://youtu.be/5G6FaqCGgLY Can you give me the correct translation of this song. I google translated it but i was very confused, i could not understand the google translate about this song. Is it talking about bamboo? How does it relate to the bamboo? But this song is so deep and melodious and sounds meaningful so much.

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the only reference i can see to bamboo is 苍筤 in the line 今朝抛却浮名隐苍筤 (correct me if im wrong). As this line almost certainly has some implicit historical/cultural symbolic meaning, I hesitate to put forward a translation; perhaps someone else is able? 

that being said, the rest of the song is pretty standard love song stuff, we are one, no matter what the distance, we are meant to be. the language is very poetic, if that helps. Im offering this, as it may be unlikely you find a full translation of the song, as it would require a lot of time and effort (for no pay...!)

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As is noted in the uploader's post,



So yes, it is talking about bamboo. The husband (Zhao Mengfu) and wife (Guan Daosheng) were both bamboo lovers and acclaimed painters of bamboo. Legend has it that Zhao saw a bamboo painting by Guan and fell in love with her.

It may be deep or It may be banal, depending on your perspective, but it is full of poetic imageries and literary references. I wouldn't envy anyone the job of trying to deliver a meaningful English translation.

The Shaoxing opera part at the end, by the way, is a very famous piece (管夫人《我儂詞》). You can readily find an English translation, for example, here.

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