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Paul Joschua

Chinese Letter Tattoos

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Paul Joschua

Hello peeps,

As i was browsing throught many different websites, translation sites, google translate etc. Ive come to find at least a dozen different characters for each word im looking for. Now that tattoo will be permanent amd i dont wanna emd up with a wrong letter on me so i thought might aswell ask in a forum for best results

Im looking for the words:

Strength (not power as in authority but physical strength)


Mobility (also in a physical sense)

Control (Selfcontrol)


Thanks a lot and enjoy your day!

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Hello and welcome to the forum,


I would strongly suggest you think twice about having any of these words as a tattoo.


You have seen for yourself how difficult it is to find the correct characters, one reason for this is because a character can mean similar things but  with a different nuances, it is normal to use 2 characters to pin down and reinforce the meaning.


If the person doing the tattoo is not a skilled Chinese calligrapher you could end up with an ugly rendition of your characters or worse incorrectly written characters that are meaningless or worse the wrong meaning.


Also in isolation as one word after the other, it comes across as a meaningless list. 


I suggest you have these done in your own language in a nice font so others can read it.


Having it in Chinese characters does not impart any special meaning or magic to the words.


Please, please re-think this idea.


Before you ink think and think again and again.




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力 is a rather common (among Westerners) tattoo for strength.

And additionally it is a pretty simple character so a (non-Chinese-calligraphy-master) tattoo artist will probably mess it up less than a more complicated character. Just make sure to print it out in a Chinese font that you like.


How about selecting other languages for the other words? This way, you can make sure the 4 words won't form a rude, ridiculous or inauspicious sentence when read together.

(well, that and I have no idea what Chinese characters would make adequate tattoos for wrath, mobility and control... :mrgreen: )

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This would make quite a terrible tattoo though, in my opinion.

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