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gym in Qingdao


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Hi, I'll be in Qingdao at Qingdao university and I'm looking for well-equipped gyms nearby where I can lift weights (deadlift, squat...) and find machines and free weights as well. Any recommendations? The university is in winged Ningxia Road, so I'd love to find one nearby.

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Download an app called dianping (大众点评) you can put in your location or just search by address , city etc.

Its basically a user review , advertisement app. 

You can get a preliminary look at the gyms nearby. 


Be warned though, if your into weightlifting finding a decent gym is tough task. Even in Beijing the vast majority are pretty poor, more suited for women, cardio, guys interested on general fitness etc,not body building style . Here in Beijing, not many have dumbells above 25kg and the weight stacks on the machines you can max out pretty quickly. it's a regular grievance amongst my wechat gym buddies. 


Every year I usually look at around 10 gyms just to find an OK one. 

As @abcdefg suggested though, you need to walk into these places as pictures on the internet and app can be quite misleading.


If gym is important to you, I'd also think getting ascooter, bicycle , rent s bike so you can travel a bit further. 


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46 minutes ago, 889 said:

I try to avoid downloading apps without really good reason because you never know what they're doing behind your back.


In the case of dianping, there's no good reason to install the app since you can get the same information from the website:




Yeah true, depends if your using them frequently or not. I use it quite a bit so convenient for me but with many Chinese apps a lot of turning of permissions in the settings is often required. 

I do try keep Chinese apps to the essentials only.

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