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演出vs表演 and some other questions

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Hello all (and apologies in advance to @Publius
I know this is super easy for you, but for me it's quite difficult still... unfortunately)


My questions have again cropped up during an exercise where I'm supposed to fill in the blanks. I was given five words (演出,演员,表演,普遍,苦) and have filled in all but two. I'm pretty confident I got the ones I did manage to do right, so I'll just add the two sentences below where I just don't know what goes where...



Any insight as to why which goes where would be highly appreciated.


Then I came across this here which I think just means they didn't close the (business) deal - is that correct?


My translation would be: I heard you haven't yet closed the deal this time.

-->Is the 到 used to convey the meaning of until now?


And then as my last question of the day...A chapter is called "用心发现世界" - the translation given reads "discover the world with your heart"

It's not actually explained in the chapter, but looking up 用心 gives me attentively, careful, with concentrated effort. Or can this expression also be understood quite literally as "use your heart?"


Apologies for the many questions, thanks for bearing with me.


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On 5/5/2019 at 8:27 PM, SunnySideUp said:



is 养办 a typo? 

Perhaps somebody will correct me if I am wrong: I believe that whilst the grammatical use of 演出 and 表演 are the same, the former emphasises the productive output of the performance from a performer, whereas the latter simply tells us there was a performance (and from my experience is thus more often than not used as a noun rather than as a verb, although both are fine). I also feel like 演出 is slightly higher register than 表演, but perhaps thats just me? As you can see, its difficult even after years of study and life in China...:wall

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Thanks @Tomsima

That's really helpful. And it's also reassuring that it's also hard for those who get to study/live in China for longer periods of time. So far, whenever I finally feel I got the hang of something, ten new things have cropped up...

I'll check the sentences when I'm back home where my books are and see if I can apply your definition in the examples given. And I'll also check re. the typo and report back. Thanks again!

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Yes, that was a typo, it was supposed to be  举办

I've also looked at the answer key in the meantime. That first sentence should use  表演 (那些外国留学生表演的中国功夫)and the latter 演出(这次演出举办得非常成功)

So I guess if I take to heart what you said then that means because they are talking about the performance in the context of how successful it was with the audience I should use 演出 there.

Phew... so much more to learn 😶


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On 5/6/2019 at 2:27 AM, SunnySideUp said:

...but looking up 用心 gives me attentively, careful, with concentrated effort. Or can this expression also be understood quite literally as "use your heart?"


Yep, it can. 

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