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Cancel residence permit


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Hey everyone, I’ll try to briefly explain my situation. I’m quitting (退学) my master degree (on friendly grounds), however, my residence permit is valid for 2 more years. Therefore, I asked my school what to do about this (they didn’t seem to know to be honest) and they gave me 2 options:


1)      I go back home and the school will cancel it for me. However, they said that this method will leave me a bad record (不良记录) that could affect my next visa application.

2)      I myself go to the immigration office with a bunch of paper (that I should finally get from them tomorrow) and make them cancel the residence permit.


The problem with 2) is that the procedure will take too much time (according to my school), since I’m leaving my city on Saturday morning. The problem with 1) is quite obvious, I don’t want to have a bad record because I’m planning to come back to China sooner or later.

Tomorrow morning I’ll return to the school office to see what can be done, they told me to print out my plane ticket and diverse documents and that maybe they could do “something”. They didn’t explain it very clearly, and like I mentioned, it doesn’t seem like they really know what’s the entire procedure for this.


Did someone else experienced a case like this in the past? I couldn’t find many topics about this situation.

Thank you !

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While I don't know about the process, I would definitely try and get a letter from the school, as official-looking as possible (official paper, stamped, perhaps even from multiple offices (foreign affairs, your department)) stating that you are leaving institution X on date Y, with the school's permission, for whatever reasons. That'll come in very useful (well, maybe) if there are issues in the future. 


I wonder if you could also try and cancel it at immigration when leaving? You'd want to get there early and bring a book....

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You don't say you're leaving China tomorrow, just your city.


Assuming you don't have some very expensive non-refundable ticket overseas for a departure tomorrow, I'd very strongly suggest you change your plans as need be and get this settled at the PSB of your city. Otherwise you'll be worrying for months maybe years whether you have a 不良记录 that'll pop up and give you problems down the road.


I can't imagine airport immigration would be any help here: they're a different branch of the PSB.

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all i know is when youre trying to cancel your residence permit, the school will do the cancellation trough a website, if it was a work permit, you would need to submit the resignation letter which also said the reason why are you cancelling the permit, i dont exactly know about your case since you are a student, but i think the system would make you write the reasons why are you leaving, so if you dont wanna have a bad record, my guess is you can say that maybe one of your family is sick in your country, or if it's not a scholarship maybe you can write that you have financial issues, it would be more acceptable.

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Well, I finally submitted my papers this morning. And sadly I had to cancel my train :X


On the paper I received it's written 24th for the collection date , however my flight ticket (which I submitted a copy) is on the 22th. The officer than took a pen, wrote 18th on it and said I can come take it back at this date. I'm still not 放心, but let's hope everything will be alright.


And the price if 160元 if someone wants to know.

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