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Books on letter writing


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Is anybody able to recommend some good books on how to write letters, both traditional style and newer email formats? What I'm ideally looking for is a resource of model letters which I can learn by heart.


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This has long been my bible for such things:




I would guess there have been later editions, perhaps under a different title. But perhaps not. In any event, very useful if you can find it. (It's all Chinese, no English.)




A bit more research shows there's a 1990 edition available for a very reasonable HK$50.






Whoops. There's a note "出版社缺貨, 故不能購買."

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roddy your one looks pretty good, I might get one of the secondhand ones on amazon, bit steep though. 中國現代應用文 looks like it would be perfect, but I just cant seem to source a copy here in the uk, and im guessing there are no pdf/ebook forms to chase after either...thanks for the recommendation though

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Search 应用文 over on TMall and you'll come up with several books in this field. Some of the sellers will ship overseas. The way Chinese book publishing works, I'd bet good money that most of those books are largely based on the old book I've got.

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There is this book:



A few more here, but do not specifically mention letter writing:

https://www.purpleculture.net/advanced_search_result/?search_in_description=1&keyword=Developing Writing Skills in Chinese&inc_subcat=0&sort=20a&page=1


 This firm accepts PayPal and ships overseas. Books by Air Mail to UK take 2-3 weeks, and mailing costs aren't too bad (about same as books shipped air mail from USA). You can also email them and ask for suggestions.


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