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Learning the whole HSK4 word list (and possibly HSK5) in short integral texts


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I believe, that it's much more effective to learn HSK4 vocabulary not by separate examples of the word use, but in integral texts.  


There is a book, a collection of short stories for teenagers by a Chinese author, 邓杰 , of about just 20,000 words. And it comprises around 800 words of HSK-4 (including HSK-3, 2 and 1). True, it is compiled according to the method of Ilya Frank, and each sentence word by word is accompanied by a Russian translation - more precisely, with a subscript, and explanation. You can use it for additional understanding of the meaning and word usage, if translating it from Russian. Pinyin is also given. At the end of each story the text is repeated again just in characters. So you can choose what to read, the texts with pinyin and comments and subscript Russian translation, or just pure text in Characters. It is an electronic book, it costs just USD 3.5 approximately (the price is in Rubles). You can buy it at the link. It's there the 3rd one from the top, the title is "Китайские реальные истории." You will get even an audio in addition. There are other simple books too on the same internet page. Photoes of four pages from the paper version of the book are attached.









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7 hours ago, Pall said:

If anyone is interested I can ask my Chinese students to write short compositions with all the remaining words to comprise the 2,500 list of HSK5 completely. It will take time, though.


The standard course HSK books do this though. Short stories, 1 A4  page long. 


I think trying to cram a lot of words into a few short  stories doesn't really work though as the language just seems forced or awkward. 

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On 7/31/2019 at 8:16 PM, DavyJonesLocker said:

The standard course HSK books do this though. Short stories, 1 A4  page long. 

Thank you very much! I bought an HSK4 Standard Course containing 50 short dialogues (much shorter than the A4 page) that seem to comprise all 600 additional words of the HSK4. That's what I was looking for, short texts covering the whole HSK4 list  to observe all the words at the same time in my mind in order to recollect them fast when speaking or writing.

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