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Learning characters while typing, mastering transcription in advance


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Sorry, the initial post was deleted, as I found a more effective way to learn characters. I do not want to guide others along the wrong path.
I still learn transcription first of all, but at the same time I learn its combination with the radicals for the characters that make up the word, doing that in a special way. Then I train my ability to recognize the character by typing the words using pinyin and choosing the right character in the pop-up menu (it's necessary to type by syllables, not by full words, for in this case it will be more difficalt to find the required character in the list, which is impostant for training). It's done only in the context, which allows to learn the meaning fast without fleshcards or smth. But I don't give the full explanation of the method since it requires knowing Russian.


Adding the knowledge of the radical to the knowledge of transcription is enough to be able to type in Chinese. And while typing we'll learn the characters in their full appearance, which will allow us to read. Although, learning the combination of the transcription and the radicals for the corresponding characters requires special technique.





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I appreciate your good intentions, but I'm not sure many will be up for the task of first learning the Cyrillic alphabet and the sounds associated with them to then learn Chinese. There are no other supporting resources or reasons to choose this over the already widespread pinyin. The renowned John Defrancis wrote an entire textbook and reader series based on a similar opinion to yours, that being learning the sounds and the writing system can be separated for more effective learning. He uses pinyin, a system specifically designed to map onto the sounds of Mandarin Chinese, and I for one can highly recommend it. That being said, his method of pinyin learning and character learning, whilst separated, are complementary and learnt in parallel.


Another thing to consider is many people fall in love with Chinese specifically because of its writing system. Even if it's not useful or effective, or too slow, being in touch with characters can be fun and keep many students motivated to keep pursuing Chinese to a higher level.


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To each of 400 syllables, taken even without tones, correspond only a few radicals in the characters. For example, in my dictionary comprising 20,000 words, which is organized by pinyin, to each syllable correspond only 3-8 radicals. It makes it possible to learn these not numerause combinations. Although it requires special approach.

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