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Super Girl 李宇春


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Okay, I tried to avoid it, but post-contest, I've been catching up on the winner Li YuChun. Gotta admit it, I like her. What you guys think at her and the whole super girl phenomena? Is she a flash in the pan or does she have real lasting talent? I was surprised to hear her singing in quite a few languages. Did anyone watch the contest live, I'm curious and wonder was she truly worthy as 'the best' or were there other equally talented girls?

Right now, I 'm watching videos of her from the contest here:


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I'm curious and wonder was she truly worthy as 'the best' or were there other equally talented girls?

No she's the worst of the worst singers ever, but her 中性 look attracted millions of teenage girls to campaign in the streets and malls around the country to get people to vote for her. This is the most corrupted show ever. Each cellphone# can vote 15 times, and the final winner was determined purely by the total number of votes she received. The people who actually went through the trouble of voting were probably teenagers who didn't have a clue.

The host company (HuNanTV) probably made over 100million just from the text messaging alone. Each week over 10 million people text'ed in to vote, and the competition dragged on from local 海选 to semi finals to top 10, then to 8, 8 to 6, 6 to 5, 5 to 3, and final, and it was always the ones with the highest number of votes that advanced, despite having judges and a "jury" who were supposed to make professional decisions.

李宇春 has no singing talent at all. People who sang so much better got ousted because they couldn't get the votes. Even Maria Carey would lose to 李宇春 in this competition, if you see what I mean.

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Okay, I can accept what you say. I realize it's not much different than American Idol or , America Politics, or any politics for that matter. So given that, that doesn't stop any number of people from being stars based on looks to become teen idols. Someone has to be plucked out of the crowd and then promoted. Very little in life is based on pure talent, much less teen idolism. Hey shall we mention William Hung? Watching the videos, Li YuChun actually reminded me of Twins/Charlene Choi.

So many shows or weeks did the content drag on anyway? And did you have a favorite? :)

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