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sentence structure

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I have a problem with this task,, where i have to rearrange words/phrases to make senteces 
1 . 快    去     看看    下楼    吧
2. 飞机      上     就     我弟弟     睡觉      了
 please if you know the answer could you also explain it to me 

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Hello and welcome to the forum.


How far have you got with this?

As this looks like homework, its best if you share what you have done and then we can help correct it rather than just give you the answers which is less likely to help you understand what is going on.



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1. 快下樓去看看吧

Quick, go downstairs and take a look


2. 我弟弟上飛機就睡覺了

My little brother got on the plane and went right to sleep


下 and 上 can be verbs meaning to "go down" and "to go up" and not just words to describe a direction or location.

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