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Buying a bike in 五道口

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Hello everyone! 


I'll be living in the 五道口 area for the next year, and I'd like to buy a regular bike to get around/commute and such. Does anyone know any good/reputable bike shops around there? I'm looking for something rather inexpensive. Used or new is fine ☺️ I appreciate the help! 

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There should be a bunch of bike shops on campus. There at least used to be. They can sell second hand and new bikes extremely cheaply. The quality is low but if you don’t stand up, race around on it then it should be fine for going around campus and Into Wudaokou. 


Otherwise there is a GIANT shop in WDK. Prices aren’t crazy so if you want something sturdier to ride around the city maybe go and check it out. Theft used to be a big problem in wdk though. Not sure if things have improved. 


Another option would be Decathlon. There is one North of Wudaokou at Liushuiqiu. I rode a bike back from there to wudaokou  in pretty bad conditions once. Didn’t take too long. There is a canal road that goes most of the way. 

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