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List of Listening Resources for Advanced Chinese Learners (July 2019)


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Wow, thank you for this great resource list!

Which of your 快点儿 / Top 12 are audios on the web, rather than videos? You imply that it's fairly easy to convert a YouTube video to an MP3, but I have never done that and would need to first research how that's done. (Unless someone else here would like to explain.)

Thanks again.

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3 hours ago, 孙博运 said:

It seems that if I copy and paste the list directly into the posting box, I will lose the formatting of Word Document.

You shouldn't do, but it'll depend on what the formatting is and there may be difference across browsers. If you want to try anything out, try sending me a private message and we'll figure it out. Can't guarantee we can do everything word can, though. 


And, obviously, thanks for the post and welcome to the site. 

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Thanks for compiling and posting that list of resources. Very useful! 


As to formatting, I nearly always write my Chinese food articles in MS Word (2016 edition) so I can correct errors and edit them. Then I paste them into Chinese Forums. They always lose formatting, but going through and restoring it is not much trouble. That's also the point at which I add pictures.


The latest iteration of the Forums software seems to handle the overall process better than before. Things less often just disappear when they are half finished. (Using Chrome browser.) 

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