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banking issues


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By the way, there are two kinds of ATM's on my university campus. One type is full service, the other is not. I don't know the difference. (Does anyone here know the difference?) Just make sure you are using the right kind of ATM and never use the other kind. (Oftentimes the right kind of ATM has a line of people at it, and the other kind does not.)

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On 8/20/2019 at 6:05 AM, NinjaTurtle said:

By the way, there are two kinds of ATM's on my university campus.


Most likely one is an ATM and one is a BST. The two have different functions. 


Here's the set-up from this morning at my neighborhood BOC 中国银行。(Click photos to enlarge them.)


629900720_IMG_20190821_104842-915px.thumb.jpg.2f992cffa45691bbb249eecff68ce75e.jpg     511463599_IMG_20190821_104843(2)-915px.thumb.jpg.a199ef2bb3877e83707109e6f98f9757.jpg    





The BST was out of order. This is chronic. They want you to go inside and use a more advanced, later generation of the same machine. The only time I use it is to update my passbook. 


1885027310_IMG_20190821_104806900px.thumb.jpg.e0a27cf82334ac670645038eeb1c7d6c.jpg   558444546_IMG_20190821_104926(2)-915px.thumb.jpg.a66fb5043c75b233119bb9250ce04306.jpg






ICBC, next door, has only one kind of machine. They are all called CRS. 


1548499897_IMG_20190821_105050(2)-915px.thumb.jpg.c611d7049b2604dad641d42c2c132e5c.jpg     1423693505_IMG_20190821_105100(2)-915px.thumb.jpg.af3355fb7090dd9120343f198a942081.jpg

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889, thanks for the Chinese characters.


ABC, thanks for the photos.


These things are helpful because some foreigners have no idea there are two kinds of "ATM's" in China. (And some foreigners like myself have never heard of "BST".)


Hey ABC, I am in Midland TX right now!




I thought I'd post the translations from mdbg.net:




自助查询 =


自助   zìzhù  self-service
查询   cháxún   to check / to inquire / to consult (a document etc) / inquiry /




自助存款 =


自助   zìzhù   self-service
存款   cúnkuǎn   to deposit money (in a bank etc) / bank savings / bank deposit




自助取款 =


自助   zìzhù   self-service
取款   qǔkuǎn   to withdraw money from a bank


--> I already knew that 取 (qǔ ) means to take, so I had previously figured out that this is the machine that allows withdrawals.


I would like to add that I do not think any bank in America has these two different kinds of machines. (Perhaps other western countries do...?) I had never heard of BST before.  This is why I was so surprised when I encountered them in China.



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6 hours ago, NinjaTurtle said:

Hey ABC, I am in Midland TX right now!


And I'll bet it's Hot, with a capital "H!" Midland in the summer is not a slice of paradise. My Texas home is currently near Dallas, not much better in terms of weather. I spent several years in the hill country of Central Texas and it had its charms. 

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