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Verbs in front of 比 position?


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my 2 cents:


You could rewrite 他汉字比我快一点儿 sentence as 他汉字写得比我快一点儿 in order to explicitly combine an object with 得+complement indicating manner.

Or, you could rewrite it as 他汉字写得比我快一点儿 but in this instance the subject of is no longer 他, the subject is 汉字 (passive voice is implied), and 他 is the topic/theme of the sentence while 汉字写得比我快一点儿 is what is being said about the topic.


Similarly in "我汉语说得比他好多了",  我 is the topic, and 汉语 is the subject of the comment (what is being said about 我).

You could rewrite this as 我汉语说得比他好多了 or 我汉语比他好多了 in order to have 我 as the subject.


Why one form or another is used in a particular case, I don't know, it might be a matter of sounding native or not...


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