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Scoring of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU MTC) placement test and classes


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Hi everyone, 


I'll be attending the Mandarin Training Center at National Taiwan Normal University this fall, and was wondering how the placement test is used to place students in different classes. What are the thresholds?


I'd be grateful to hear placement test scores form people who attended NTNU and what classes they were ultimately put in. 


Thank you!

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Back in the day I took their test and got put in the top class (and to be honest I have friends who are much better than me at Chinese).


At that time I had been living and working in China for four years and had been working in a Chinese office speaking/reading Chinese all day for the best part of a year. I also had an HSK5 but as many will tell you - that is not that high a level of Chinese.


I think people who are at the very high levels of Chinese learning just don't bother with a classroom environment - they just read books and hire a personal tutor.

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I didn't actually end up studying there in the end. I just went to a town in the South (much cheaper) and hired a tutor.


I genuinely think 1-to-1 tutoring is more effective than a class session. I think the reason to go to university is so you can get a scholarship. Have you looked into the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship?

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I haven't looked into the scholarship yet @thechamp but I'll do so for next year. Thanks for the tip! Can you use the Huayu for private tutoring?


How long did you take private classes for? The main issue I have is trying to remember simplified characters while learning traditional ones. It's difficult to do that on my own, so I thought I would try classes, and everyone seems to recommend NTNU.

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No you can't use the Huayu Scholarship for 1 to 1 tuition. It has to go to a 'recognised mandarin training centre' as far as I recall.


I may try and get it for next Summer and to a sabbatical so I might see you there!


You can get it for 1 year, 9 months 6 months 3 months or 2 months.


Whilst in China I basically always had a tutor so I was tutored for like five years on and off whilst working and whilst taking time just to study between jobs.

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