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brain-bomb (HSK 4上 workbook)


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I just came across this working through the HSK 4上 workbook with my teacher, and my head almost exploded: 




For completeness here's the question, which is probably guessable even if you can't parse the sentence.


        ★ 这段主要谈的是:


        A  第一印象          B  职业特点         C   经济的发展        D   生活态度


Presumably they put these kinds of question in the exam to deliberately freak people out!


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I never did the HSK4 level but I went through every single word in the HSK5 books including all those in the grammer sections, exercises . There are about  a conservative 25% extra words that don't appear the HSK syllabus (I methodically put everything into SRS) but then the work books adds way more! An extra 20 per chapter. Really put me off the work books. I found them a bit frustrating tbh. 


I suppose it helps with trying to get the main points of the text though which is naturally useful.  




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I guess the thinking is that after 4 it's time to pepper spray you with a lot more words than the syllabus to reflect real life. Which in a way makes me think why have a 2500 syllabus at HSK when it appears the exams can include many non HSK words. Not sure how much extra you need but certainly the mock exams appear to contain a lot more. 

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