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Anyone have experience teaching english in Hangzhou?


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I have just received a contract from Best Learning English in Hangzhou. Everything appears great, however I would like some insight into what the process looks like when being recruited And hired. I am from the USA and the hiring process is much different, and frankly a little bit more comprehensive. 


My experience currently with this hiring is that I received a recruiter messaging me, as he had seen my CV. Two days later I had an interview with Best Learning English. And the following day I received a contract. The contract, appears to just be a list of the guidelines and expectations. Not on letter head. No phone number. I started to get skeptical, and did some research and am having a hard time finding out about where in Hangzhou the school is, and any other english teachers who I could discuss their experience.


anyway, if anyone has any insight or information that would be extremely helpful. 

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Well, have you asked the school? It’s pretty normal for a teacher to want to know where the school is exactly. Just ask for the address and then google search it. 


Also, while you’re at it you should ask for the contact information (email) of a current teacher or teachers (not management). If possible, a teacher who just left recently as well. They should also allow enough time for you to actually contact them. 


Finally, is accommodation included? If so where are the apartments and would they be shared or just you living there. If the school doesn’t provide accommodation, do they provide a stipend for it? If so, how much? If you find your own apartment, ask if there is a place where many teachers live and see if they will assist you in finding a place. 


If they seem reluctant to give any of the above then that in itself suggests it’s not worth continuing with this company. 


As for the short time frame, it’s not uncommon to be offered the job immediately during the interview. The demand for English teachers is extremely high. It can be difficult to find teachers that meet visa requirements AND that want to work for the hiring school (due to location, salary, hours etc). 


Does the contract state working hours, salary, vacation days etc? In terms of phone numbers, probably more important to have those who you're in contact with who work at the school. Not sure not having a number on a contract is a big deal. The letter head thing suggests they’ve just pulled a random contract from somewhere to use. 


Overall though, if you go through the above suggestions and still think the school and that contract seems dodgy then don’t sign. Move onto the next job. 

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I don't think it's unusual to receive an "offer letter" setting out the basic terms of employment, with a full contract to follow later. 

At least, that's my experience. Although it was on letterhead with clear indication of the name of the company and signed by one of the co-founders. 


Maybe this is what your "contract" looks like?  


Not even having the address or name of the employer on there would ring some alarm bells though, I think.


As @ChTTay suggests, contacting the school directly and talking to (or WeChatting) their HR department might clear some things up.




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It looks like there are a few in Hangzhou (you can see the pic), which is usually a good sign. You'll just need to ask them which school they want you to work at as some are quite far from the centre. Some schools might even ask you to work at multiple locations and work at a different location on different days of the week. 


On a separate note regarding work: if you don't have a bachelor degree then you will 100% not get a working visa. There are a lot of agents and companies who say they have a way to get a working visa no matter what, but it's all lies. 


Good luck!


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48 minutes ago, mungouk said:

Not even having the address or name of the employer

OP has the school name just not their location. As mackie1402 helpfully posts, looks like it is a legit chain. That being the case it’s weird they don’t have a company contract. 


You sure the contract is from the company and not the agency? It should mention party A and party B (you and the school) etc. It could also be as Mungouk mentions ... just an offer letter. As above, if you’re not happy with anything just ask the school directly and see what they say.  

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