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70th anniversary medal


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On 9/27/2019 at 10:44 PM, 889 said:

They're giving them out to everybody!


You're probably getting one, too!


Check your mail!

If you're quoting/translating something in the link, it was lost on me, I'm afraid, as the link for me is unopenable.

If you're making some point of your own, that too is lost on me, or at least open to very different interpretations. 


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Thanks for clarifying your responses.


There's certainly very often a correlation between the rarity and monetary value of such things, but it wasn't the monetary value of the medal that was the focus of my inquiry (was I unclear?), simply its ubiquity. 


If the medal is as ubiquitous as you imply when you say, hyperbolically no doubt, they're giving them out to everybody, then I'd imagine a few at least of our forum members will be closely connected to someone who has received one. And yet no-one so far has contributed to this thread to say as much, yourself included.


For what it's worth as a clue to the numbers involved, these are the eligibility criteria for the award, as set down in the English-language Chinese press:


"The medals will be awarded to the following individuals: living veterans and comrades who participated in the work on the revolution before the founding of the PRC, living individuals who received honors and awards at the state level and above after the founding of the PRC, living service personnel and veterans who received honors above the first-class merit citation for fighting wars after the founding of the PRC, and foreign friends who have made outstanding contributions to the founding of the PRC."


Perhaps forum members who know from a reliable source the numbers involved, or at least know a recipient personally themselves, would be good enough to contribute to the discussion.

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Last night on TV I saw a summary of the medals which were just recently awarded.  Most of the recipients were introduced and a thumbnail sketch of their achievements was given. There were several categories. One seemed to be mostly war heroes and one was mostly famous inventors. One of the later had invented hybrid rice that could be grown in more places and under more conditions, allowing larger yield. One recipient had a big role in inventing the nuclear submarine. 


A third category was open to foreigners. If I'm not mistaken, only 6 people received it. One was an elderly diplomat. Unfortunately, I cannot go back and check my facts, since I just watched it one time live. 

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No no no.


That's a horse of a different color, given at a fancy ceremony in Beijing. You'll see it's a bit more elaborate than the OP's:




In Sichuan, 15 people at a coal factory received a medal like the OP's:



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