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好的 - 好了 - 好吧 connotations?


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Hey all,


What are the different connotations of 好的 — 好了—  好吧?

 From the usage I've heard, I'm guessing that:

好的 — is more like "OK", "yes I agree"

好了 — is more for "OK" when something has happened (example: Didi driver arrived at destination)

好吧 — maybe more like "is that OK?"  Not sure.





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A) 昨天你的咳嗦很厉害。今天好了没有?

B) 好了一点。


A) 我很想吃炒饭。

B) 我们已经点好了-你去找服务员吧。



A) 因为昨天你们中文讲得那么标准,所以今天我们不上课了,好吧?

B) ok,谢谢老师




A) 我们都准备好了,5分钟后出发,好吧?

B) 好的!

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好的 generic “okay” or “good”


好了 “ready” or “that’s enough” as in, 好了,可以出發了 and 好了,別講了


好吧 when not in a question is just “alright, fine I guess” or “okay” depending on your tone of voice

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2 hours ago, mungouk said:

Thanks. I'm guessing that should be 咳嗽?

Yep, thanks ?


1 hour ago, DavyJonesLocker said:

There's also 好嘞 that your hear

Don't forget about the cutsie 好啦, or one I hear often in Shanghai "hao layy"

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