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云南民族博物馆 (museums in Kunming)


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I have been to the Nationalities Village two or three times. It's a way to meet people from the various nationalities of Yunnan all in one place. There are performances which you can see if you happen to be there at the right time. Otherwise it is basically just people living their lives in their houses built in traditional style, some of which are open for you to look around. It is interesting if you don't have the opportunity to get out of Kunming, but personally I much prefer going to the minority areas and actually seeing minority village life in its authentic setting.

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As you probably know the Minority Nationalities Museum 民族博物馆 is different from the Minority Nationalities Village 民族村 across the road. 


@Wahed -- What is it you want to know? I've been to most of Kunming's museums.

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@abcdefg Any particular museum you recommend the most? We have students looking at free internship possibilities in Kunming and I think one was already rejected by the Nationalities Museum because they said they lacked the ability to process interns. I'm not sure what that means or if the student should try to obtain an opportunity to in-process via another source. Or just another better museum altogether (if there is one).


museums in Kunming

^ There doesn't seem to be many museums in Kunming to recommend to students but the list above may be inaccurate (I hope it is).

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3 hours ago, Wahed said:

Any particular museum you recommend the most?


The two I would recommend the most are the Minority Nationalities Museum 民族博物馆, mentioned above, and the smaller Kunming City Museum 昆明市博物馆 on 拓东路。It's a pity the Minority Nationalities Museum won't accept your applicant, because it's a has good collections and is well curated. I would rank it as Kunming's best museum overall. 


As far as relatively large museums that might welcome interns, suggest checking with the Yunnan Provincial Museum 云南省博物馆。I recall a foreign student interning there through Keats School several years ago. 


This museum also now has two campuses. The old one is on 东风东路 not far from 小西门。The new one is larger and more modern; located in 官渡区 on 光复路。It has the best facilities of all, although its location is slightly less convenient. All of these museums sponsor special events and actively host visiting exhibits. Sometimes it's a night of music, sometimes it is s guest lecture by prominent artists or historians. 

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