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Who can understand this guy (Lost Tomb (盗墓笔记))?

Jan Finster

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The guy called Fatty (王胖子) from the TV show The Lost Tomb (盗墓笔记) is killing me. Even with the pinyin transcript in front of me, I cannot possibly understand what he is saying.??


Is there any hope? ?

Who among you can understand him fine without transcript/subtitles?



(e.g. go to 32:00 min)

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Haha, that sure is some grisly northern mandarin there, but I have spent enough time in that part of China now to be able to understand it. I think the situation is made worse by the fact that the guy he is conversing with is speaking super clear, newsreader-standard mandarin. I remember watching a TV drama called 奋斗 a few years back on the recommendation of many people here. That opening scene with the four boys speaking their Beijing Chinese was painfully difficult to understand, especially the guy in the white shirt with sky blue sleeves.


Keep practising the stuff you are bad at and it'll gradually get better. There's a really good film called 老炮儿 with lots of heavily accented Chinese. Also try 北京爱情故事 (the TV series, not the film).

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This is what I get from listening to the audio (I have an ad-blocker so didn't bother clicking the link).  Parts in blue I missed the first time and had to listen to again.  The part in red I still can't figure out what it is.






There are probably mistakes, but it should be the general gist of it.

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I can understand it when he's not speaking too fast. But I'd definitely need subtitles to listen to this guy.


Whenever I see a show with any main character with a northern accent I just turned it off and go back to listening to beautiful clarity of "southern softies"!

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Being used to talk mostly with 东北人, whose accent is not the same but has resemblances with the one of this guy's, I don't feel it is especially hard at all. Even though i wouldn't say I can get every word he says, It's easily deducible by the context. Actually for me the hardest part is understanding what they are all talking about because I lack the context of the movie. On the other hand I feel understanding Chinese movies is almost the hardest part of mastering Chinese.

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Similar to what's been mentioned in other posts, it's the extreme erhua, r-coloring at the end of words in colloquial northern speech. With the English and Chinese subtitles, you can more or less make out what he's saying. Without these aids, it would be a challenge (for me at least) to figure out what he's going on about.

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