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NPCR lessons into iPhone


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I'm just wondering if anyone is aware of a way to have the texts from the New Practical Chinese Reader series or other textbooks in general on an iPhone. I have the NPCR books but am working full time and the best time to study for me is during my commute in the mornings and at nights. Pulling out my textbook in the subway just isn't all that convenient... I thought I'd ask around as I don't really feel like typing them up.



- 金文森   

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Hello and welcome to the forums.


You are going to run into copyright problems, there are PDFs available but they may violate the rules.

If you have bought the book, it might be there is a legal way to do it.

Some textbooks are available as ebooks at a small cost.


The NPCR books come with Audio CDs, perhaps you could just do the audio parts on your commutes and use the texts at home.

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Like @Shelley says, there are PDFs "out there" but I would question how readable they would really be on a phone screen since they weren't designed for that format.


Is it really such a big hassle to get a book out of your bag? 


(I know... I would agree, but then it's so convenient to have all the books with you wherever you go... I've bought more than 20 Lonely Planet guides, and really appreciate the lack of DRM because I can be a responsible adult and put them on whichever device I wish... anyway.)


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Thanks. I already have the audios for them and did found the PDFs online in the end. It works great actually, I can highlight the texts on my phone and the stuff is highlighted on my computer through the cloud, it's magic. Now I can use my phone in the metro and use my books when at home with notes I took on my commute. 


@mungouk it really is not convenient to have the book with me, the metro is just way too packed during rush hour to pull out anything other than a pocket size book...


Cheers !

- 金文森 

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