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I create my own interactive notes to study Chinese/Japanese, so after I am finished with its physical copy I no longer need the physical volume.

I'd like to swap books, so I will be regularly updating a list of the ones I would like to have and those interested can ask me for the books they need, so that as far as I have access to them, we can swap them.


Wish list


  • Chinese Aspectual Particle le A Comprehensive



       9787561953884 汉语三音节韵律问题研究 Prosodic Studies of Chinese Trisyllables,

       9787561953891 汉语的双音化 The bisyllablization of Chinese

       9787561953853 汉语的弹性词 Elastic Words in Chinese

       9787561954201 声调、语调与句末语气词研究 Tones, Intonation and Sentence-Final Particles

       9787561944110 汉语的韵律词 Chinese Prosodic Words

       9787561944134 音步和重音 Foot and Stress

       9787561944127 汉语韵律语法问答 Questions and Answers on Chinese Prosodic Grammar

       9787561943533 汉语合偶双音词 The Combined Disyllabic Words in Chinese

       9787561943625 汉语的最小词 The Minimal Words in Chinese 洪爽 著

       9787561943526 汉语嵌偶单音词 The Embedded Monosyllabic Words in Chinese

       9787561943502 汉语的韵律形态 Prosodic Form in Chinese

       9787561944103 汉语的句法词 Chinese Syntactic Words, Zhuang Huibin

       9787561935330 新汉语水平口语考试 HSKK(高级)应试指南(含1MP3)刘芳 编著




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Where are you based? 

I’m based in London and am keen to exchange a couple I have that I no longer use or have never used, for example:


McGraw-Hill's Chinese Dictionary and Guide to 20,000 Essential Words


I am currently looking for a copy of:


Lost in Translation (Yang Wen)


I’d be thrilled to hear from fellow London-based learners if this is of interest.







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