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Most Frequent Chinese Words


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Hi everyone,


I developed an app for vocabulary learning, for the 3000 most common words in Chinese language, based on public lists with some necessary cleaning and modifications.


I think it's a great app for vocabulary learning and practice.


Here is the link to my playstore listing:



You can find it when you type "Chinese 3000 most frequent words"


The first 10 lessons are free, so you can check the app with no strings attached.


I would greatly appreciate everyone's feedback, good or bad, thanks in advance,





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Martin, thank you for sharing your app here.


There are dozens of free vocabulary trainers on Googleplay. The only thing I have to do is to upload one of many freely available word lists (top 3000) into those vocabulary trainers. They do audio, they do games, MCQ, reverse cards, cloze, etc. 


May I ask: why would I want to pay for your app? What does it do better? The screenshot on Googleplay suggests it is rather basic...

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Thanks Jan for your answer,


Let me try to answer as best as I can:


1. I believe I've developed a better, fun engine, at least I haven't seen this approach yet. Is it similar? Yes. Is it the same? No.


2. The vocabulary lists I've encountered are "raw", they need to be processed to be usable, there are many repeating words, many mistakes, etc. I worked 3 weeks on my list until it was good enough.


3. The first level is for free, 10 lessons, 200 words, you can still play with it for free and pay ONLY if you like it. The fee is rather symbolic 2 USD (might be different in different countries).  Of course there are free resources for everything, but also every developer believes his app is the best. There are free apps available, but they usually come with ads, which can be frustrating. If you don't mind ads, then OK, I'd rather pay a symbolic fee than be interrupted every 2 minutes with annoying ads, but everyone is different, and that's great too.


Anyway, I'm grateful for your feedback,


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