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Spliting phrases already translated


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Hello folks!

So i have these phrases in chinese someone translated for me, but i need to split them into 2 lines (or 3 maybe the longer ones) so they enter inside an image like you can see in the following link:




欢迎!您的小孩将可以利用此应用程序透过动物动物学习 (Welcome! In this App your child will learn playing with the Zoo animals.)
超过25款游戏专为婴幼儿与儿童设计!(More than 25 games for toddlers and kids!)
和小狐狸徒芬一起溜冰!(Go skating with Tufin the Fox!)
与布拉斯大象一起飞上天!(Fly in the sky with Blas the Elephant!)
和楚洛小猴子一起踢足球!(Play football with Chulo the Monkey!)
和动物园里所有的动物一起玩!(Play with all the Zoo Animals!)
为威诺娜庆祝生日!(Celebrate Winona’s birthday!)
学习用动物园钢琴弹音乐!(Learn to play music with the Zoo Piano!)
和拉洛小企鹅一起献上冰淇淋!(Serve delicious ice creams with Lalo the Penguin!)
学习数字、颜色和形状!(Learn numbers, colors and shapes!)
和小鸭鸭露露一起潜水!(Swim underwater with Lulu the Little Duck!)
I know you can't just split the phrases anywhere so i don't want to do it badly and destroy the phrase meaning.
Thank you very much!
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