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Chinese 102 Letter assignment help


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I am in college and I am taking a Chinese 102 class for my language credit. Our assignment is to write a letter to a friend that uses some new vocab words and ones we have already learned. We also have to have a draft checked and corrected by someone who speaks Chinese. I have attached a copy of my letter and if someone could help correct my grammar and also let me know how to address and sign off I would be very grateful! 




Chinese Essay 1 .docx

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If you can find this book《中国现代应用文》or one like it, you'll have answers to your questions about the address, greeting and salutation when writing a letter. There are several options.




(Many texts on 应用文 only cover business correspondence, but this book also covers personal correspondence.)




Well, nobody is chiming in, so I'll add some more.


The greeting depends on your relationship with the recipient. If it's a formal relationship, you usually use family name and title: 陈老师. If it's a personal relationship, you can use the name you use in conversation perhaps with something added: 安迪老友. In very informal situations -- like a Taobao seller contacting you with a question -- the greeting is often just 亲 these days. The greetiing goes on the top line, usually followed by a comma or a colon.


On the second line there's almost always an introduction like 你好!


You can close with something like 祝你 then add a wish appropriate to the recipient, if you'd like: 祝你身体健康. Before that closing it's common but not absolutely necessary to include a sentence wrapping up your letter.


Don't forget to sign and date it.


Here's how a formatted letter looks:




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