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斗鸡眼狗,鸡很满意? help me please with the language


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I have to write a couple sentencences in Chnese.

Help me please.

There is old childish saying in russian "Ничего не больно, курица довольна" "Nothing hurts, a hen is glad (satisfied)"

I don't know how to translate in chinese "Nothing hurts" but "a hen is glad" I translated as "鸡很满意" am I right?

P.S. I have cognitive problems, so I can't lern english or chinese well, nevertheless I like to perceive the world. I don't want to look for a person who will do all things instead of me, so I make my own researhces and olny after them I ask qwestinos. That is the first one. The others I'll post in this thread later if ypu help.

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On 2/29/2020 at 1:59 PM, LiSiCen said:



Cross-eyed dog?


Yes, it is. It's from the second sentence I intent to ask help for. The book titled as《修士大司祭阿瓦库姆自撰之生活纪》contains a phrase: "Бей (literally just "Hit"), собака косая (linerally just "cross-eyed dog")! Бей (Hit), дурак (fool), страдник (vilein)!" That means "Whip me, you cross-eyed dog! Whip me, you fool, vilein!" I have translated it in chinese as "鞭打我吧,你这斗眼狗! , 混账,奴才!" Am I right?


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