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Movie...." Alita battle Angel "


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Thanks for replying. I am a big fan. I like talking about it a little and promoting it with people.

Were there a lot of people in the theatre when you saw it? Was it a popular movie with people 

after they saw it? Do you know any fans? Do people from China that are interested in movies

visit this site a lot? I heard there might be a lot of fans in China so I would like to talk to them.



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I went to an afternoon matinee showing and there were not a lot of people there. Those never are very well attended; I don't think it's a reflection on this movie, it's just a time of day when most people are doing other things. (I am retired.) 


The Chinese Movies thread in this forum is not dead, but it is also not very active. I'm sure your contributions would be welcome! I review movies here from time to time in an amateur fashion. It seems lots of people just watch movies on their mobile phones, but I think it's not the same experience as sitting in a theater. 




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12 hours ago, Gorn said:

I have read that there are serious fans for that movie I like.


Didn't realize until I did an internet search a few minutes ago that this fine film has a strong cult following. It's definitely a picture I wouldn't mind seeing again. Seems it had more "ground breaking" features than I was aware of as a casual afternoon viewer. 

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