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Chinese Colloquialised

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14 hours ago, Chinese Colloquialised said:

- thank you for your message and suggestion. Glad you enjoy it! It's now linked to Stitcher but may take up to 2 weeks for it to show up. Ximalaya is a little bit more tricky as I'm unable to create an account with my UK number - let me work on thi

thanks! I will keep a look out for it, I assume it will be under 'colloquial chinese' ?? :) 

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Episode 18 sounds like it was recorded in a cathedral — there's no need to add reverb onto this kind of recording, it makes it very odd to listen to on headphones.


Otherwise, very clear and better recorded than earlier episodes I tried out.


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Chinese Colloquialised

Hi everyone,

In light of the George Floyd incident and our fight to eradicate racism, I took the liberty of translating Reni Eddo-Lodge’s 2014 article "Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race" into Chinese to help expand the conversation about race.

As I was researching, what surprised me was that whilst Reni’s work is praised and celebrated by western media, there is hardly any mention of her work on Chinese media platforms. So I'm hoping that by translating the article, more people will be able to recognise and acknowledge that there is a problem. In my latest podcast episode, I read out the Chinese translation of the article.

I've contacted her agent to see if I could set out the original English article alongside my Chinese translation but I'm yet to hear back from them so, for the moment, you will have to switch between two sites to see how I've translated it.

The links are set out again below:

Reni's 2014 article: http://renieddolodge.co.uk/why-im-no-longer-talking-to-white-people-about-race/

Transcript for my latest podcast, which contains the Chinese translation of Reni's article (about 1/4 of the way down): https://chinesecolloquialised.com/2020/06/07/第33期:关于种族与种族主义-about-race-and-racism/

You can also access the podcast on most major podcast platforms, it's called Chinese Colloquialised.

Any feedback, comments, thoughts, questions, ideas are always welcome. If you like the post/podcast, please share it with people around you who are native Chinese or Chinese speakers so more people can be aware of the issue and be able to see things from a black person's perspective. We can only eradicate racism by coming together.


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btw are you a native speaker? Anyways, I agree with others that you sound excellent!


:21 Minnesota, Minneapolis

               Is this like the whole “MM/DD/YYYY vs DD/MM/YYYY” debate, where different variants of English read locations differently? We’d say this as Minneapolis, Minnesota in US English; you said it the other way around.


4:35 你会看见他/她们的眼睛闭上,变硬。

Strictly speaking, shouldn’t the ‘,’ here be a ‘’ here?
看見他們的眼睛閉上變硬 Subject Verb1 Verb 2


Still listening to your George Floyd episode, and I think you have quite a nice pronunciation, but I’m no native speaker. Recording setup sounds very very nice, as well.

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Chinese Colloquialised

@roddy - Thank you. Because of the nature of the topic and the emphasis of it being a translation of Reni's original post, I wasn't sure where to put it (actually spent a good 10 minutes debating where it belonged ?). But I'll know where to provide updates in the future now. 

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No problem, and good luck. I won't be surprised if you get a 'no, and can you please take the translation down' response from the agent, though. They can get defensive about this kind of thing. 

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Chinese Colloquialised

@歐博思 I consider myself a native speaker in both English and Chinese. I would say I have a very neutral accent in Chinese. 


You're absolutely right re. order of Minnesota, Minneapolis. In Chinese, you'd generally go from 'large' to 'small'. So, in Chinese, the date format is YYYY / MM / DD and when you write an address, it will typically be "[country], province, city, district, street, road, building complex, building number, house/flat number, postcode, recipient name" - it's like following the journey of how the letter/package travels until it eventually gets into the hands of the recipient. 


On the punctuation point, for a predicate/ supplemental word, you'd typically use 逗号 (,) as opposed to 顿号 (、)。 It can be a fine line between how the two punctuations are used, it's easy to get the two mixed up and, sometimes, it can even be used interchangeably which makes it all the more confusing. General rule of thumb is use ’、‘ for lists and comma for slightly longer breaks in sentences.


I found a more useful comprehensive summary of how the two punctuations are used online: 



如:这个省今年的水利建设,任务重,工程难,规模大。   你要不断地进步,识字,生产。






4、相邻的数字表示约数,不用顿号。   如:他已经走了有三四里的路了。





6、表并列性的引号、书名号之间不用顿号,一定要用,只能使用逗号。   如:近期我观看了许多出色的电影,如《英雄》《无间道》《美丽人生》等。



And, finally, thank you! Glad you enjoy it! 

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I can’t open your website site in Beijing. It just hangs. The podcast (via Apple Podcasts) also currently won’t load for me. Just an FYI! 

I’m sure with a VPN on all would be well. 

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Chinese Colloquialised

@ChTTay - Thanks for letting me know! I'll see if I can find a solution for the webpage. I just tried Apple Podcasts and a few other podcast platforms and the podcast seems to be working. Do other podcasts on Apple Podcasts work for you? It might be a firewall issue. Otherwise, I wonder if Stitcher or another podcast platform might work? 

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3 hours ago, Chinese Colloquialised said:

just tried Apple Podcasts and a few other podcast platforms and the podcast seems to be working.

Are you in China? I got the impression you weren’t. 

It’s a Beijing Internet (and China) issue unfortunately. For the website and the podcasts. If you mean “The Great Firewall” then you’d be right...

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9 hours ago, Chinese Colloquialised said:

Thanks for letting me know! I'll see if I can find a solution for the webpage.

Wordpress hosting? Free hosting providers are often blocked in China. Moving to any small paid hosting firm should fix it, if you want to.

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It'll be on the same IP addresses as the free hosting. Can't really make any recommendations - I've used 34sp.com for years, but don't have any active sites on there at the moment, and they're probably not the cheapest. 

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Great stuff. Had to manually input your rss link (https://audioboom.com/channels/5012029.rss) on BeyondPod, but no bother.


I'm curious what you would call your podcast if you had to translate the title for the benefit of a non-English speaking audience (I'm assuming you'd just default to English in all other circumstances).



I'd probably go with something like "口语了中文", to parallel the grammatical inventiveness of the original :)

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