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yǎ reading of 亞?


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Hey guys, I'm just wondering what the yǎ reading of 亞 signifies. A lot of the time different readings come with different nuances, or mean something quite different. I've found this reading in certain dictionaries and not in others, so it seems to be kind of obscure (or maybe a Taiwan only reading?). Despite finding this reading in a couple places, those places are always resources that don't map readings to specific meanings. All my resources which map readings to their specific nuances don't have it recorded as a possible reading.


Anybody have any idea if this specific reading has a specific connotation, or the words where it appears with this reading?



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I have only heard 亞 said as a third tone in a medical talk I interpreted at by a Taiwanese person. I asked a friend afterwards and they said they didn't notice it but that now that I mentioned it in Taiwan they do say it with the third tone. Thats where my knowledge ends I'm afraid. The word was 亞型 which means subset, and was pronounced as ya3xing2. And I remember it clearly because I didnt understand what the speaker was talking about!

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58 minutes ago, Dlezcano said:

It's the way they pronounce it in Taiwan, you can see it at 2'43 in the following video.


That thing when I suddenly realise why I have such trouble remembering the 'correct' tone of certain very specific words...

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