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Need help with tattoo


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I am looking for a symbol that represents luck.


Mainly something that represents the luck i have had in my life.


What i found were three options:


1. http://www.chinese-word.com/data/0201.html

2. http://www.chinese-word.com/data/1352.html

3. http://www.chinese-word.com/data/3956.html


To be honest, i was going for option 2, but after some research it seems this is not as true as a translation as i would think.

Any advise would be great!


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Also, i noticed some people talking about calligraphy. This symbols on the pages i linked are the type "Times New Roman" i guess.

Any advise on this? I tried looking on google and most of it seems the same to me.


Would "pencil strokes" be a different kind of calligraphy? Something like this as a reference style: https://www.deviantart.com/sihui128/art/Chinese-calligraphy-age-172462935

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You are correct, 1 and 2 is not really suitable. Your example no. 3 is the luck you want, 福 fú.
The plain type is indeed a bit bland. Usually, people prefer calligraphy.
This is the same character (no. 3 福 fú) in handwriting, you could pick any of them that you personally find aesthetically pleasing:

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Thank you for your response! 


One final question; if i was looking for a more general term like "lucky", would the second symbol be a good equivelant? 


It doesnt have to be exactly "lucky in life". The second symbol is more appealing to the eye and fits my tattoo perfectly. Ofcourse, if it's not the one i'm looking for i will change my design ?



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Like previously mentioned is luck, but during Chinese New Year many people will flip it upside down (on their doors, for example). The saying goes when the 福 is upside down, your luck has arrived.


It's an option, but I'd still wait for others to give some ideas.


Other options could be

幸运 (luck)

好运 (good luck)

四叶草 (4 leaf clover)

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