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Could someone please translate this for me?


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Here is the text I need help with:



  • 大耳:指鞋面上鞋帶孔部份, 懶佬鞋也會有大耳部份,但因形狀不明顯和為了同縛帶鞋區分,當一提大耳,就知道是縛帶鞋

  • 雙花/童軍:同光身相反,表示鞋頭有一條邊做裝飾,方法是在劃面時將鞋頭部份一分為二,車面後便會有一條邊

  • 光身:指鞋頭上沒有任何裝飾及花紋,最普遍的例子就係紀律部隊鞋

This should have something to deal with shoes / shoemaking process.



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Well, seems it's describing defining various terms of art from shoe-making - is this notes on a script? That would explain the 戲中

First bullet point is 大耳 which is describes as the the part of the upper of a shoe that has the holes 鞋面上鞋帶孔部份, which it notes means of necessity it's a lace-up type shoe 縛帶鞋. 懶佬鞋 are loafers apparently, which explains why that bit is going on about how the uppers are different though some have a 大耳. Perhaps check technical vocab lists to see if there's a term for that particular 大耳 part of the uppers.

Second bullet point discusses decorative edges/seams and 童軍 which is literally boy scout but here is defined as a particular type of decoration which is then described.

Third bullet point defines 光身 as plain uppers, and then notes the most common type of such shoe 紀律部隊鞋

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