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Problem typing 师 with MS changjie input (solved)


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Bit of a niche question for anyone familiar with 倉頡輸入法:


I can write 師 (竹口一中月) and 帅 (中中中月) without any issues, and I can type most other common simplified characters with the MS Changjie input on Windows 10, but its annoying me that I cant find how to type 师 without having to switch out to pinyin then back again. All websites and book I have on 倉頡 says that it should be typed as 中中一月, which sees the character split into three vertically-arranged parts. But it doesn't register on my input method as a recognised code. And I can't for the life of me figure out what the code is meant to be! Every other character bar a few all fit in with the kCangjie Unihan Database, and the ones that don't are pretty easy to figure out. The 中中一月 code also works fine on the google cangjie input (version 3) on my phone, so I don't know why it won't type out on my computer. Does anybody know what the answer is? nandao microsoft forgot to program this character for their changjie input!?


edit: I just checked the github listing for cangjie input (https://github.com/chinese-opendesktop/cin-tables/blob/master/cangjie.cin)

It lists 师 as 戈中一中月, but the mystery continues as that doesnt work either...


Solved the code is 戈竹一中月. I just found a person who asked the same question on yahoo ten years ago. Leaving this question up for future reference.

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