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Work visa application rejected of 3 times.


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The first application failed in 2018, because I haven't worked for two years, I can't superimpose the work experience before graduation.  It only took two years to meet the requirements. The agent was helped to apply for category B and failed to change to category C. The second new job certification in 2019 was provided by the Guangzhou agent. My original job certification is not required. The second agent said, your work experience certificate is not required. We will provide the new experience certificate. And The agent in Guangzhou failed me because the agent said that the low salary was rejected. I doubt if it is true, so I went to the Foreign Experts Bureau to ask if it not was too low salary. And the job certificate was rejected, because it’s was fake company (agent provided work experience certificate).  Now I have (Working for two years) , it’s original work experience certificate. Now the Shenzhen company employee has applied to me and failed to find the reason for my application. And again also fourth or sixth re-application is still rejected, because the agent (first agent and second agent) helped me to apply for dishonest records.  The Shenzhen Bureau always refuses my application.  But my information and documents is true, how to solve the problem?, thank you!

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sorry to say buddy but it doesn't look good with having six failed applications.


I think you might have to accept the situation, maybe try taiwan, different city, student visa in china perhaps ?


or else try again in a few years


I hope others can provide some more help and insight for you




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I am from India, and job is UI designer. 

I mean, first time agent and second time agent did applied in system for false report, so I am unable to apply for work visa smoothly. My documents is all truth. And agent did hurt me. 

They said, your work experience was different companies and different date.

second time agent was provided fake work experience. It’s not my fault. It’s agent fault. 

Can help me solve the problem?


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