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得的 combination


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Hey everyone,


while studying I've stumbled upon this sentence: 我知道你们的女儿得的是什么病。


I get the meaning of the sentence, but I don't know how to deal with 得的.


Wouldn't the sentence work without it? What is the function of this structure?


Cheers Beo

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得病 is a verb+object phrase, and you can use it in this structure —  verb+的是什么+object — because you can tell more details about the object, like 他们的女儿得的是 胃炎 or 白血病.

You can try to think of some other similar verb+object phrases to use this structure, such as:

1、看电影 — A: 能告诉我你昨天的是什么电影吗? B: 我看的是《狮子王》。

2、吃东西 — A:我很想知道你刚才的是什么东西?它看起来很美味。B: 我吃的是一种老北京小吃 —— 驴打滚。


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