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What's a good flag that means "China" that's not the five-star flag?


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I bought a little skiff I've been cruising around in.  I put a decal with my country's flag, but I'd like to put one with China's, too, so as to acknowledge my hosts and be a cool guy all around.  BUT - I have a big problem with the five star flag.  I know what it means and I will never display one.  What's another flag or icon that people will smile at because it means "China"?  


I previously tried something with the twelve pointed star, and people just tune it out with "it's Taiwan".  I protested that it used to mean "China", but people don't listen.  I was thinking about the Iron Blood 18-Star Flag, the flag used during the Wuchang Uprising, but maybe this is a bit too political and "Taiwan" as well.  Any ideas for something easily recognizable, pro-China, and yet lacking the five star flag's baggage?  

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A search for "new Chinese flag" on Google Images will bring up many more interesting possibilities.


As a practical choice, the late Qing dragon flag does look nice. And you can even buy the flag on Amazon:




Or as a sticker:





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the qing flag looks nice, but has negative connotations for many, it's like flying an anti-han chinese flag. The topknot hairstyle for men has been pretty popular in China in recent years, but I've yet to see anyone rocking a qing style queue yet, despite its prevalence in tv dramas sported by all the highest rated 帥哥. After asking a few people why it quickly became clear the anti-qing sentiment is still pretty strong to this day.


(i am aware that ive put a picture of a guy with a queue in my profile pic…hes a character based on wong fei-hung and is an anti-qing rebel if that clears things up for anyone in doubt of my allegiences)

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Years ago someone here on the forums was wondering what non-political pro-China flag to fly at some sports event and eventually decided on a plain red flag. Not sure if that will work for you, since it's not immediately recognisable as a flag when you're not letting it fly in the wind.

You could maybe use something else than a flag? A picture of a Chinese dragon, perhaps, or something else symbolic of China.

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