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Painting Text translation


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its a section of the most famous calligraphy work in Chinese history, the Lanting jixu, 'The Orchid Pavilion Collection (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lantingji_Xu)


The section in your picture is from near the end, and reads


故列敘時人,錄其所述; Hence, we record the people presented here today and their works;
雖世殊事異, Even though time and circumstances will be different,
所以興懷,其致一也。 the feelings expressed will remain unchanged.
後之覽者,亦將有感於斯文。 The future readers shall also empathize the same by reading this poems collection.
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Thank you very much for your reply! That’s really interesting to hear.
I’m wondering whether the stamp-like elements on the left in the background have something to do with the work as well (if they’re not too difficult to see).

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Seals like those are normally added over the years by collectors: they help trace the provenance.


Sometimes collectors also add comments of appreciation, so a painting might be mounted with strips at the top and sides containing additional writings.


(Your link has expired so the enlargement is no longer visible here. Best to upload your photos directly to this site.)

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