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每一个人 vs. 每个人


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hi guys,


I saw this word group in a text: 每一个人


Can someone explain me why I have to add the 一 before 个? wouldn't it work if I just write 每个人?


The whole sentence is: 大部分人每天晚上至少应该睡七个小时,但是这个标准 不适合每一个人,有百分之四十的人即使只睡五个小时也很有精神。


Cheers Beo

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If we say 很有意思、很有趣、很有名、很有钱、etc, isn't this because 有意思、有趣、有名,有钱 are actually adjectives in their own right?


Whereas in this case I don't see 有精神 in the dictionary, so presumably here it's for emphasis?




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