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Possessive 的 and definite article 那 in a sentence


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Hi all - first time posting here. 

I tried looking through the existing posts and I can't find the answer to my question, so please do send me to the article if one exists already. 


The question is about the use of a definite article within the a possessive phrase in mandarin. In a sense I know the translation based on asking native speakers, but I still can't find a clear grammatical explanation for it. Preferably, using linguistics trees - that would be amazing!


Look at this sentence below

1. 王玉的毛衣

2. 王玉的那件毛衣

3. 那件王玉的毛衣


The question is between 2 & 3.

I was told this:

2 refers to a specific jumper among many owned by Wang Yu. The specificity is the jumper itself. (maybe the blue one). 

While 3 refers to a specific jumper among many in existence. The specificity is the fact that we're talking about Wang Yu's. 


I am learning mandarin through English and I speak French and Indonesian. So if someone can explain it better in those languages, also good! 


I can just memorise the construction and the meaning, but I would like to understand how the words are parsed in order to get the right meaning if possible. I find understanding the structure is helpful in memorising the meaning. 


Thank you.


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