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Why is it xihuan wo pengyou?


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4 minutes ago, Shelley said:

I thought you only missed it out when used amongst actual family members. I would have expected it to be used with friends.


Yep, 我的朋友 does sound right to me. We do miss it out in other situations too though, e.g. 英国人, instead of 英国的人


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6 minutes ago, Singe said:


That's an interesting one, 我的邻居 sounds good to me. Be interesting to see what others say.

Oh yes, not meaning to imply it's always left out, just that sometimes it is. Maybe just the structure of the sentence makes you drop it for balance or maybe it's just quirks of individual speakers.

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What 我的某人 cases can we think of where you really couldn't ever remove the 的. My kidnapper? My prison officer? Allset has it as removable in institutional, organisational and close personal relationships - which leaves me asking what other types of relationship there are. 


Edit: Actually, that's not quite right. It's not that you can remove it, it's that you should. 

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According to https://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/Expressing_close_possession_without_"de"




Normally possession is expressed using the particle 的 (de). However, you can omit 的 (de) in these cases:

  • A close personal relationship is involved (family, close friends, boyfriends or girlfriends)
  • An institutional or organizational relationship is involved (school, work)

In these cases 的 (de) should be omitted. It doesn't sound as natural if you leave it in.



(oops, cross-posted with Roddy)


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