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Finding words for Y G


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I will make a long story short - I am not doing anything illegal.  I bought the domain ygenglish.com.  Originally I chose the YG because they are the initials of my school but my school does not like that idea - they are willing to let me use my website but they don't want it to be associated with the school....so now I am looking for two Chinese words - in pinyin the first will start with a Y and the second will start with a G, the point being to deflect the ownership of the website to someone other than the school (it does not belong to the school at all).  Any ideas?  The website will host Moodle, an online learning platform, that I will use to help me hold class, manage paperwork, etc.  This is for jr and sr high students in a public school in Beijing.  I am looking for anything that expresses a positive idea about being a student or studying...etc. 

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阳光 positive but not education related

勇敢 ditto

To attempt a new coinage, I wonder if 远高 might express both lofty ambitions of going far and high and the concept of a distance-learning high school. See what a native speaker thinks.

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Thank you - keep the suggestions coming.  I like them all...but yes "Given you're in Beijing, you really out to run your final selection by a couple of young people there first. Most of us aren't native speakers, and there may well be possible word play in our suggestions that we haven't cottoned on to." I will do that

I will run them by some of my students tomorrow and then up the new front page for moodle and be on!


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Young Guns. Use English instead of Pinyin. Young Guns English can be your brand. 






Young Guns is a 1988 American Western film directed by Christopher Cain and written by John Fusco. The film is the first to be produced by Morgan Creek Productions. The film stars Emilio Estevez, Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Charlie Sheen, Dermot Mulroney, Casey Siemaszko, Terence Stamp, Terry O'Quinn, Brian Keith, and Jack Palance.[1]


The film is a retelling of the adventures of Billy the Kid during the Lincoln County War, which took place in New Mexico during 1877–78. It was filmed in and around New Mexico. Historian Dr. Paul Hutton called Young Guns the most historically accurate of all prior Billy the Kid films.[2] It opened no. 1 at the box office, eventually earning $45 million from a moderate $11 million budget. A sequel, Young Guns II, was released in 1990.



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