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Can I apply for another scholarship in this case?


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Hello everyone!


I am new here, and I have a question. Last year I started my masters in China with Shanghai Government Scholarship. But the major was a really bad choice for me and also because of the corona situation I came back to my country that time. I would like to ask, that in the future I can't apply for any masters scholarship? I mean, of course I can't apply for Shanghai government scholarship,but what's the case with Chinese government scholarship,Confucius, Beijing government scholarship,etc... Or I lost this chance forever? Do you have any information about this situation?

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Unfortunately it's unlikely that you'll get an answer to this question unless you personally get in touch with each of the scholarships governing bodies and ask them whether they (already) have an official policy about students who left due to the coronavirus. I'm pretty sure that the forum members are not in the business of handing out scholarships.


IMO these are your options:

- give up on applying to scholarships and give up on going back to China. Perhaps explore scholarship options in other countries.

- give up on applying to scholarships, find work and save money in order to go back to China as a self-paying student.

- polish up your application letter, apply to as many scholarships as you can, while working and saving money in case you don't get any of the scholarships.

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13 hours ago, Xiaowe said:

it's the best to know for sure


You will never know until you apply. So it makes no difference whether to worry or not.


Either you apply again or you don't.


Don't apply = don't worry


Apply = don't worry and see what you get. Have your plan B ready.


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