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粵切輸入法 Jyutcit IME (this one is actually good)


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Jyutcit, aka 粵(語反)切, requires only basic Cantonese literacy (69 common characters), the 26 keys of the English keyboard, and two keystrokes without tones (or three with tones) per character. Anyone possessing mild familiarity with Jyutping will easily locate the desired keys on the keyboard, and the more complex finals are laid out in an intuitive way (based on the official Jyutping order). Overall, this input is roughly twice as fast as Jyutping and easy to learn, with only a tiny sacrifice in accuracy compared to strict Jyutping spelling, although intelligent prediction sufficiently mitigates this minor concession. Think of it like a 'Double Jyutping', but better, cleaner, and more intuitive.

Here is a one-page quick-start guide PDF—easy as 1-2(-3)!




This IME uses RIME (中州韻輸入法), which is free for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

If you would like to download Jyutcit, just let me know!

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I'm not bringing up any app called tRime on Google Playstore.


EDIT: Turns out you go to the link in the first post, find where it says "支持 Windows XP SP3, Windows 7+, macOS 10.7+, Linux (IBus, Fcitx) 下載更多版本" then click on 下載更多版本 and scroll down till you find a direct download for the Android version. I don't download from those sorts of links so I don't know whether it works.

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Ive been trying to get this to work, as it looks pretty good fun to use. I've put the relevant files in the correct folder, but the keyboard just shuts itself (and reopens occasionally) every time I type an initial. I'm using trime 3.1.3, which I believe is the most up to date, tried fiddling around with switching things on and off, trying other schemas etc. but it's always the same result. Any ideas from people more knowledgeable about this great but less user friendly program? I've attached a screen capture to show what it looks like (not sure if there's a problem displaying mp4 on CF?)

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