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I need Hskk advanced (高级) 听后复述 tips and tricks


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Hi and welcome to the forums.


I think you need to give us some more information if anyone has a chance of responding helpfully.


For example:

  • What problems are you having?
  • What can you do well?
  • Did you already take the HSKK 中级 exam?
  • What is your Chinese learning background in general?


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I have already given HSKK intermediate 2 times ( score 74 )

I have also given Hsk5.  ( score 254 )


I am practicing HSKK advance , 听后复述 no.1

2 and 3. But the content is bit long and to retell it in 80 seconds, I am not getting a hang of it. I am pretty sure if I keep practicing with the mock papers I will make it, but if there is anyone who have already been  through hskk advanced 听后复述, then I wanna know if there is any tips, ideas on practicing, things I need to be doing for this.


Thank you!

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On 5/27/2020 at 3:44 AM, rocer_jubin said:

But the content is bit long and to retell it in 80 seconds

Do you have a tutor who could set these types of questions for you under timed conditions the same as the exam format? 

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