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Work after graduation (Shanghai)

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My school has a different answer for me every day, so I'd rather ask somebody experienced. I heard in AnyHelper/AnyVisa presentation that those with a degree from C9 League University do not require two-year experience to be granted Z Visa and can be employed right after graduation. I can't really find any reliable info online, I think it might be specific to Shanghai. If anyone could confirm or deny,  and share their experience, would be great, thanks guys!

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Planning to do a master's in 清华/交通 in about 3 years, so I am also interested on a straight answer on this. Since 2016 I've been hearing that this situation also applies to any degree you get from any Chinese university (not only C9), but I don't have conclusive evidence that it's true.


It also used to be the case that the 2 year rule could be voided in some cities/provinces if you had done related work before getting your degree or if there was high demand for your field, so you could also look into that. Yes, I know Chengdu, Xian or even Kunming may not look as glamorous as Shanghai or Beijing from the outside, but they can be a good jump point onto other cities later on, as well as a more rewarding first contact with the country.  

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