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Anybody know where I can find copies of Lu Xun stories without PRC simplification?


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Hey guys. I really enjoy Lu Xun as a writer, and the nice thing is his works are available in the public domain. But, I suppose because he was most venerated in China, as opposed to Taiwan or amongst Huaren, the digital copies, text of his works seem to be predominantly in PRC Simplified characters. I have seen evidence that this is not how they were originally published though (of course not, after all he predates the PRC) , so I would like to read them in their original character forms.


I'm intentionally avoiding the phrase "Traditional" because I've seen some scans and it appears that some of the characters were half-simplified forms, which are generally supported in Unicode anyway. I'm sure these must be available but my Chinese internet abilities are still pretty bad.


The only reason I can imagine these not being publicly available is that someone might have some kind of copyright over a reconstruction of the original orthography.


A simple, accurate rendering in Taiwan-standard traditional characters would also be welcome.


Cheers guys.

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I guess you're looking for something like a first edition reprint of 吶喊. I'm sure there's some kind of fascimile version out there, perhaps even published by a Mainland publisher, as top-tier publishers like 中華書局  put out facsimile that still contain the traditional characters (these are especially important for scholars). Maybe explain to a Chinese friend or contact what you're looking for and they can help you locate it online? 


Short of that, yeah, just go with a Taiwanese publisher if you want Traditional characters but aren't worried about a fascimile or anything like that. I've gotten a few Traditional books here: https://www.chinesebookonline.com/store/product/51776/魯迅作品精選_吶喊_含阿_正傳_經典新版.html

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